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Working in a team is what it all comes down to.
there is no greater joy then having your teammates helping you out and pushing each other to grow.
Trusted by 3,500+ VFX Artists.

"What Urban and Matt don't know about explosions isn't worth knowing. That they're sharing so much of this knowledge via their free workshops is amazing, and a great resource for the next wave of FX artists"

Matt Estela

Senior Houdini Artist at Google & Founder of CGWiki

"Theory Accelerated Studio has an amazing amount of free workshops and high-end videos which we recommend for any Visual FX artists. And if you are a beginner, this needs to be the first resource to break into the CGI industry!"

Eddie Chew

Owner & Creative Director
Griffin Animation Studios

"I love the details and insights Urban shares with the community. Very valuable information, and super easy to follow! Also Axiom is on fire!"

Arvid Schneider

Lighting Supervisor at Image Engine

Eddie Chew

Owner & Creative Director
Griffin Animation Studios

"Learning VFX can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure what sources and practices you can rely on and follow. Urban is a master of his craft and delivers high-end, quality content that you can trust to keep you on track in your professional development. I have greatly benefitted and grown as an artist from his invaluable industry knowledge, that often times can’t be found anywhere else. If you want to learn how to produce industry quality effects at the highest level you won’t want to miss anything from of Urban Bradesko."

Jesse Henning

Senior VFX Artist at Atomic Arcade

"Having worked with Urban for many years in different ventures and witnessed Matt's strong technical capabilities in building softwares such as Axiom. I can strongly recommend engaging with Theory accelerated. This team covers a wide range of skill-sets combined with their wide array of contacts in the Visual Effects Industry. They are striving to create a hub for beginners to experts alike. Equally strengthening various Studios toolsets and team members. In Theory Accelerated I entrust!"

Hudson Martins

CG Supervisor at Axis Studios

Eddie Chew

Owner & Creative Director
Griffin Animation Studios

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