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Jump into Automotive Industry

Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass

Learn how to prepare cars, lighting, and animation with the provided rigging solution. Explore how to prepare Unreal Engine renders and pass them to Compositor in the Nuke learning post-production pipeline.
What you will learn
Car Rig
Dynamic Camera Movement
Rendering in UE
Ray Tracing
environment creation
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10 Month Live Program

FX Masters
10-month personalized guided program with a mentor.
Applications closes: August 10, 2024
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July 16, 2024

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"Urban is always pushing the possibilities of VFX, supported with a masterful grasp of cinematography and storytelling. His enthusiasm for this is infectious – whenever we talk, I come away with new insight on a matter. As a teacher, he not only has the eye and skills from his industry experience to create stunning work, but also has a passion for then breaking down and explaining the process in order to help share this knowledge."

Cameron Mitchell

Realtime Supervisor at Axis Studios

Steve Jones

This was done under - Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass

"DoubleJump was extremely creative and easy to work with! They were able to produce incredibly realistic simulations. And took our production to the next level!"

Aaron Sorensen

VFX Supervisor / Director at ZEBRACREATIVE

DoubleJump has been able to put out there from the start something that is very hard to come across: the ideal mix of technical insights shared with great communication skills and superb artistic results that speak for themselves. How I wish this kind of content had been available much sooner!

Miguel Perez Senent

CG Supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic

Sheldon Schwartz

This was done under - Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass

"When I think about truly excellent fire and explosion CGI simulations, Urban Bradesko comes to mind. As the proud owner of DoubleJump Academy, he's made it his mission to disseminate knowledge about CGI effects. But it's his unrelenting passion for sharing and teaching that makes him truly exceptional. Every time I see Urban's work, I'm reminded of the heights of quality and dedication."

Manuel Tausch

CEO at Moonspire Games

Luca Goury

This was done under - Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass

Urban is the kind of sexy combination who not only has a jaw-dropping professional portfolio himself, but also knows how to be a funny and effective instructor. I really love collaborating with him and learning from such a gifted artist. Urban can show you tricks that are hard to stumble upon without years of experience. He always remembers to explain the "why" behind the setup—and how it brings your shots closer to reality, bridging the last 10~20%. We geek out over reference footage all the time. He has a sharp eye for detail and a genuine passion for what he does.

Mai Ao

Senior Technical Lead of SideFX Labs at SideFX Software

I have worked with Urban in the Past on a workshop and with Corbin as FX supervisor during my time at ILP. They are both extremely creative, passionate and always put helping the people around them up to the for front. I couldn't imagine a better team of people to put together a school like DoubleJump. Always people and education first.

Juri Bryan

Head of CG & Simulation MPC Adelaide

Sükrü Cengil

This was done under - Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass


A huge thank you to our partners for you guys rock!
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