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July 4, 2024
Interviewed by:
Eva Maganja

Happy Monday!

All here at DoubleJump wish you all a happy and successful beginning of the week!

Let's (double)jump right into the weekly VFX & CGI news!

Riddle time:

"Thirty white horses on a red hill. First they champ, then they stamp, then they stand still."

What is the answer to the riddle, and from which movie is it?

You can find answer at the bottom of this newsletter.

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News of the week - Hollywood is back! (almost)

🎉IATSE and studios reach deal: no strikes this summer! - Hopefully, this will lead to a boost in production that we are all hoping to get. The agreement clears the way for using AI as a tool. The deal stipulates that workers may request a "consultation" about AI use from their employers, a committee will be established to provide AI skills training, and AI use cannot be outsourced to non-union labor.

There are talks on LinkedIn from studios stating that they are preparing to get back into action with many projects on the horizon.🙌

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👩Realistic Audrey Hepburn Animation - Check out this amazing work from Hadi Karimi of Audrey Hepburn, made with Zbrush and Maya!

🧑‍⚖️Sony Music, Universal and Warner record labels sue AI start-ups - They claim the software steals music to "spit out" similar work and ask for compensation of $150,000 (£118,200) per work. That's a lot of dollars.

💥Friday's Master Exploder webinar is up on our Youtube - If you missed our latest live webinar with Urban and Corbin explaining the Master Explorer Overview, we have recorded it and it's now available on YouTube!

📢Bubble Bomb Webinar this Wenesday - We are hosting a live webinar for our flagship workshop: FilmFX - Master the Art of Reverse Engineering with Corbin Mayne . Corbin will do an overview of the 2nd FX of the FilmFx Workshop - Bubble Bomb!

🎥Netflix's New Shiny Studios in New Mexico - Netflix had a grand opening of their newly expanded studio facilities on Thursday!

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🏆DJA - Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame is the greatest honor we bestow at DoubleJump Academy.

It's a celebration of the best DJA artists who joined a workshop and created something mind-blowing after finishing it. By entering the Hall of Fame, you will receive exclusive DJA perks and a special certificate that actually means something.

It's like that super impossible armor set you get in a video game, which you can show off so everyone knows you're the boss now.

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Blue Eyed Samurai

“An Edo-period tale of revenge — Kill Bill meets Yentl.”

Beautiful story and stunning art style. It was co-produced and animated by the French studio, Blue Spirit. At the 51st Annie Awards, the series took home six awards, winning in every category it was nominated.

Kaiju No. 8

Amazing visuals and animation, funny writing, and characters that you immediately relate with. Kaiju No. 8 is one of the biggest anime to come out in years, and fortunately, it’s far from over. The studio is hinting that Season 2 will be even bigger. We cannot wait!!

Season 2 has also been officially confirmed for both series. Woop woop!

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VFX & CGI Job Openings

🔥 VFX Artist - Blizzard  - Apply Here

🔥 Real-Time VFX Artist - Blizzard  - Apply Here

🔥 VFX Artist - Blizzard - Apply Here

🔥 Lead VFX Artist - Raven Software - Apply Here

🔥VFX Artist - Glitch Productions - Apply Here

🔥FX Artist, 2D - Lighthouse Studios - Apply Here

🔥VFX Artist - Playground Games - Apply Here

🔥FX Supervisor, 2D - Lighthouse Studios  - Apply Here

🔥FX Supervisor - Barnstorm Visual Effects - Apply Here

🔥VFX Supervisor, 2D - The Mill - Apply Here

We also recommend you to keep an eye on this amazing Google Spreadsheet of VFX & CGI job openings in the industry.

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Fun & Games

Riddle answer:

Teeth. from the movie: The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug


Happy 20th anniversary to Spider-Man 2!!

In celebration of the amazing VFX & CGI that accomplished so many breakthroughs, we've prepared a little quiz:

1.)How many VFX artists worked on the movie?

2.) How many CGI shots are in the movie?

3.) How many puppeteers were on the film set controlling Dr. Octavius' tentacles?

4.)What camera did they use to capture realistic images of New York City for Spider-Man 2?

5.)Did the movie win any Oscars?

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We know you are probably annoyed by this by now.

But you are not going to believe that a few days after we close registration, we get at least 30 messages asking if we can enroll them as they missed the registration.

We really want to be clear - Summer registartion closes soon, Fall registartion starts in 2 months!

Classes begin July 8!


🕷️Quiz Answers:

1.) 443 VFX Artists.

2.) 600 shots.

3.) 16 people in total. 4 per tenticle.

4.) Spider-Cam.

5.) It won Marvel’s First Oscar for Visual Effects (John Dykstra, Scott Stokdyk, Anthony LaMolinara and John Frazier).

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I have worked with Urban in the Past on a workshop and with Corbin as FX supervisor during my time at ILP. They are both extremely creative, passionate and always put helping the people around them up to the for front. I couldn't imagine a better team of people to put together a school like DoubleJump. Always people and education first.


Head of CG & Simulation MPC Adelaide

"DoubleJump Academy has an amazing amount of free workshops and high-end videos which we recommend for any Visual FX artists. And if you are a beginner, this needs to be the first resource to break into the CGI industry!"

Eddie Chew

Owner & Creative Director
Griffin Animation Studios

"William goes in depth into his workflow and approach he takes to creating large scale environments, u get to understand his thinking behind the why he does things not just the how. There is some comp tricks taught along the way in nuke as well that have been helpful to apply to my own projects to elevate them just that bit more even if environments isnt my main focus. Of course as well the huge community of DoubleJump is a bonus always ready to help when u need it with a bunch of friendly folks."

Sam Savage

Fx Artist/TD - Enrolled in: Epic Environments for Movies


This was done under - Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass

"Learning VFX can be a daunting task, especially when you’re not sure what sources and practices you can rely on and follow. Urban is a master of his craft and delivers high-end, quality content that you can trust to keep you on track in your professional development. I have greatly benefitted and grown as an artist from his invaluable industry knowledge, that often times can’t be found anywhere else. If you want to learn how to produce industry quality effects at the highest level you won’t want to miss anything from of Urban Bradesko."

Jesse Henning

Senior VFX Artist at Atomic Arcade

"Having worked with Urban for many years. I can strongly recommend engaging with DoubleJump. This team covers a wide range of skill-sets combined with their wide array of contacts in the Visual Effects Industry. They are striving to create a hub for beginners to experts alike. Equally strengthening various Studios toolsets and team members. In DoubleJump I entrust!"

Hudson Martins

CG Supervisor at Axis Studios

Luca Goury

This was done under - Unreal Engine Complete Automotive Masterclass